Sunday, 10 May 2009

Global NPN Blog Update

Hi Everyone

Nice to see a few of you have started following my Global NPN blog. Welcome Greg,Steven Ball, Lilian and Brian Allerton. Cant wait for everyone to get on board so we can all comment and get advice and training all in one place. Wish this blog site would let you upload pics in the places you want them to be in instead of like they are on here LOL. Never mind, so whats everybody up to this Sunday. I am having some peace and quiet with my wife Gill because the kids have gone to the rugby with there grandad.

Like I was saying yesterday about using Google Adwords to promote your Global NPN website it is the best way to get leads to your business. So I wanted to start the training with all of you that want to use Google Adwords. First thing to do is go to Google and put a search in for Google Adwords and click on the first link on the page you see. Once you do that I want you to sign up for a account, You will get to the first page what asks what sort of account you want. I recommend that you sign up for a "Standard Edition" because you get more scope with this account.

After you have done this just follow the on page instuctions on how to finish the set up process. Make sure you have a credit card handy so you can finish the proccess, dont worry its only a small amount to set your account up. Also you will need a credit card to pay for your ads, once again you can put a daily budget on your account so there is no need to worry about it costing you a fortune because you are in complete control.

Thats it for today I just want you to take it one step at a time, next blog entry I will talk about keywords what are essential for you to run a successful Google Adwords account.


Alan Stockdale


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