Sunday, 24 May 2009

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Hi Everyone

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend and not working too much lol. I just cannot help myself I am busy most of the day on the net doing one thing or another.
Glad to see more of the team are now reading my blog and thanks for the emails regarding the video training glad you are all getting value out of them and don't forget to give access to all of your members you bring into Global NPN. That way they can educate themselves and they also can bring new NPN members into our team. So if everybody can duplicate the results I am having then hopefully we should all be able to build a nice residual income that will keep growing week by week.

When I get enough feed back about starting our own co op then we can make a decision and see if you all want me to go ahead and start the process. I have been making some video's about S.E.O search engine optimization so if you check out on Alan Stockdales Central Free Internet Training Video Website

That's it for today enjoy your extended weekend and speak to you all soon.


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