Saturday, 9 May 2009

Global NPN Member's Blog

Hi Everyone

Thought I would start a Blog for the Global NPN members who have joined under me, the purpose of this is to give you up dates on the NPN business and to help you all bring in new prospects to your Global NPN business.

I have noticed that up to now not everyone has brought in some new members since joining me recently, well I want to change that and get you all "Rocking "n" Rolling" with this great opportunity.

Most of you have bought into the co-op what Global NPN is running, but the leads have not started to come in yet so we will have to see how good that will be. So if you want to get as many leads into your NPN business I recommend using Google Adwords also known as pay per click. This is by far the best method to bring prospects your way. How ever if you have never done this before it can be a bit scary as there are lots of horror stories out there concerning this subject. But rest assured I have lots of experience in pay per click advertising so I can guide you all the way. Just give me a ring or email me or just comment on here and I will help you all I can.


Alan Stockdale


UK Residents call 0759-551-8550
US Residents call 352-533-2755
Skype users call 0131-208-4809

If you are not on my team but would like to know what it is all about click below to find out
Click Here For Global NPN Opportunity

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