Thursday, 14 May 2009

Global NPN Free Internet Training

Hi Everyone

Had another hectic day today making some more video's to educate you all on how to use Google Adwords PPC campaign for your Global NPN venture. I am pleased to say that they are all completed now and I will be posting the links to the rest of them on this blog.

I think you have got enough information now to start a successful PPC campaign for your Global NPN business. If you have any further questions don't hesitate to call me on the one of the numbers below.

I am going to post a video on here as well explaining how you can all use my training video's to educate your own down line so they can also benefit from all the work I have done as well. This is the only way to succeed online in the long run, "DUPLICATION" is the key. If you can all implement what I am showing you and succeed then there is no reason why your down line can't do the same if they are using the same video's as you are.

This is only the start of my training video's, I intend to get onto video all I know to help you all succeed. Next on the agenda is building your own websites and capture pages and putting some video on them. Don't be alarmed because this is a lot easier than you may think if you use the same website package as I do then you can just follow my instructions and you will be ok. You will need a digital camera of some sort and some leads to connect them to your computer but apart from that you will be ready to go.

Here are the links to the other training videos I was talking about, I am going to construct a website with links to all the video's soon so you can just go to one central place and access all the information.

Training Video 4 How to copy and paste your keywords onto your PPC campaign

Training Video 5 Part 1 & 2 How to write a effective ad

Training Video 6 How to check your stats on your PPC campaign

That's it for today enjoy the video's, hope they are informative enough. Please comment on here and let me know what you think.

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