Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Global NPN (Training Videos)

Hi Everyone

Been very busy today doing some more videos for you all, I am carrying on with the Google Adwords training so you can get your self a campaign set up for your Global NPN business and get your down line built up.

I am amazed at how long these video's take to make with all the zooming in editing and trying to edit them so they will fit on You Tube which is very important because it gets me exposure. I will be going into detail about using You Tube to generate your self plenty of free leads and brand your self at a later date. So make sure you keep coming back for up dates as I am using this blog as a central place for all of my team on Global NPN.

Anyway back to the video training, I have put the videos onto there own website's today so they look better and you don't have to wait for that annoying advert to finish before you can see the videos lol.

Below are a list of links to them, some you may have already seen some you will not have so take a look and if you want to start a "Pay Per Click" campaign you have got all the information you need to get you started. I will be doing a lot more video's to go into detail to show you how to track your ads and how to improve there performance by split testing. But for the time being you have got lots to be having a go at.

Video Training

Video 1 "What is PPC (pay per click)

Video 2 "How to set up a Google Adwords account"

Video 3 "How to do keyword research"

Video 4 How to take your keywords & put them to work

(Video 4 will be on its own website shortly but you can view it for now where it is above)

I will be adding to these video's hopefully on a daily basis if I can fit it into my busy life. I am aiming to have a full collection of educational video's on all aspects of marketing online. There are two reasons for this, firstly I find being taught by video where you can rewind and pause is a very effective way to teach. The second reason is that I want YOU ALL to succeed, but to succeed you need to know what to do.

So hopefully these video's will help you get there, don't forget though I am always willing to chat to you on the phone so if you need additional help just give me a ring and we can take it from there.

That's it for today see you soon


Alan Stockdale


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