Saturday, 30 May 2009

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Hi Everyone

How's everybody's weekend been up to now, I had a good workout this morning still trying to burn some fat off. We had a another new team member today from Malaysia so our team is really growing globally now. The only problem it causes is when we are doing webinars together its tough trying to organize a time that suits everybody.

I want to talk now about the power of article marketing and how it can help you drive traffic to your website. Ezine Articles is the best website out there to get your articles onto. But be warned you have to structure your articles carefully because if you blatantly promote your business your articles will not get excepted.

What you need to do is pick a subject to talk about in your article, such as like I did in my latest article about generating free leads. Also what you need to do is give good information on your chosen subject and then as you get near the end of your article you need to gently direct your readers to your bio box. In this bio box you are allowed to put links into them what WILL take your readers to your website.

Take a look at this article I submitted recently and see how I give information on a subject then direct them to visit my website which is a squeeze page I made too gain more leads to my business.

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Well that's all for this Saturday


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