Friday, 22 May 2009

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Hi Everyone

Sorry I did not post a blog on Thursday had a domestic emergency the heating/hot water broke down so I had to sort that out and also had a lot of other internet business to sort out. By the time I had finished that it was 11.30pm so I called it a day.

I was also putting some useful links onto the training video websites to enable to just click on a banner and join up with Homestead (website package free 30 day trial), Aweber and Studio (video editing software). Take a look at them and if you need those services you can get them in one central place.

I will just put this video on here today, you may have seen it if you had a look at the central website I built. If not click below to see website building advanced

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Also I have been toying with the idea of starting a co op just for my team because there does not seem to be many leads coming from the Global NPN co op. May be just too many people joined it and there just is not enough leads to go round.

The way this would work is just our team will have access to this co op which means depending how much we want to pay all the leads will be ours. I would do this by setting up a paypal account what we would all pay a agreed set amount into. Then when we have all the money I would set up a google adwords campaign and also use solo e-zine ads which are very effective and go out to very targetted home based business seekers.

The way the co op leads would be divided up would be by me setting up a web url rotator which will give each of us a equal amount of leads each. The amount we could start with is around £50 each so if all my team joined in we should have a good budget for both Awdords PPC and solo ads.

Please email me or phone me and let me know if you would be interested in this, I do truely think that this is only the way forward especially if you are on a tight advertising budget. Don't forget as well that as my team mates all your leads/members will have access to all my training video's which will make you as a person promoting Global NPN a lot more attractive to them and they will be much more likely to join because they know they can get the training they need.

Email here and let me know your thoughts.

Have a great day


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