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Global NPN (How To Write a Google Ad

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Hope you have all had a good Monday, I have been busy making some video's on you tube for Global NPN. Take a look at one and comment and let me know what you think. Video is a very powerful way to market online and also it is free if you just use a camera of some sorts and download it to You Tube. I have made many many sale over the last 2 years just through the power of video. Some of my fellow internet marketers have nick named me little Spielberg lol.

I will talk about the power of video on another training blog but for today I want to carry on with the Google Adwords pay per click training.

I talked about setting a account up and doing some keyword research yesterday, today I am going to talk a little on writing your ads so that when people put a search into Google it is your ad that they click on. The rate that a ad gets clicked on is called the "Click Through Rate" (CTR) for short and when you are running your ads you ideally want to aim for a 3%+ CTR. The reason for this is that the higher the CTR (click through rate) the less it will cost you when someone clicks on your ad. Google rewards good ads with lower costs per click and when you are receiving hundreds of clicks a good ad with good CTR can save you a fortune in the long run.

Now you understand why a good CTR is essential now we need to talk about actually writing the ad. The most important thing when writing ads its to think in the shoes of the person searching on Google. In other words the golden rule is "WHAT IS IN IT FOR ME", once you understand that writing ads is so much easier.

So with that in mind lets assume that we want to write a ad for Global NPN, I would always go for the emotional angle when writing good ads by the way because they press all the right buttons. So there is two main emotions FEAR and WANTING, let me explain.

Have a look at this ad I have just written "Thinking Of Joining NPN?.. Don't until you see this free video report."

The fear factor in that will get people to click onto your ad because as humans we don't want to be scammed so if they think you have got something that will HELP THEM then they will click on your ad and find out. All you have to do then is take them to a webpage you have set up with a video on it of you explaining why joining with you will be better for them because with the training I am giving you, you will be in a position to pass on the knowledge to them and help THEM succeed.. So not only did you get the click in the first place on your ad but you also have a much better chance of them joining you because you have some extra to give them as well what other people selling Globl NPN have not.... Marketing knowledge.

I will talk about setting websites up at a later stage and putting video on there. Back to writing the ads another fear ad go go like "Is Global NPN a scam? Find Out What I know now and Get The Inside Story" Once again with this one like before take them to a webpage when they click on your ad that tells them that Global NPN is not a scam as we know and procceed to tell them about all the great benefits it has on the website.

Another way to write the ads is to go straight for the "wanting emotion" so a ad like this could do the job "Need £47,000 a year for only $10.75 a Month Investment... Sounds crazy but its true take a look"

This type of ad is good because you don't need a special website to take them to you can just direct them to one of Global NPN capture pages like this one Global NPN Website

Now we have briefly covered what to write in your ads I would recommend that you go onto Google and put some searches in using some of the keywords what you find yesterday if you did what I recommended and have a good look at what other people who are near the top of page 1 have written in there ads.

Tommorow I will go into more detail about how you direct people on your ads to your desired website. Have a good day tommorow and please feel free to comment on my posts on this blog and let me know if it has been helpful up to now.


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