Sunday, 10 May 2009

Global NPN Useful Links

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to update today's last blog with some useful links to help you set up a successful Google Adwords campaign for your Global NPN website. The first one is a link to take you straight to the Google Adwords

Click Here For Google Adwords

The second link is for a free Google keyword tool which you can use to search for keywords that you will need to put into your Adwords campaigns.

Click Here For Google Keyword Tool

When you get to the Google keyword tool page, book mark it so you can get back to it quickly when you are doing some keyword research. The way you want to use this tool is think in the shoes of someone who would like to join the Global NPN opportunity. May be someone who is marketing online already and wants a Auto responder service. Global NPN has Auto responders built into the package as you know so therefore someone looking for these services would benefit from joining Global NPN.

So do keyword research for words related to Auto responders etc, for example Auto responder, Auto responder service, Autoresponders, the list goes on. Just use your imagination and see what you can come up with. Global NPN provides lots of services what internet marketers need so do keyword rsearch into all of them.

Once you have written down some ideas for keywords and don't forget keywords like online business, internet opportunity, cheap opportunity etc. There are no limits to how many keywords you can think of and use in your Google Adwords campaign.

Now go to the link to the Google Keyword tool and put in the box supplied the keyword you want to use. Also fill out the box below that with the correct code asked for. then hit the GET KEYWORD IDEAS button and have a look at the keywords. Also the numbers you see next to the keywords represent how many people search on Google using that particular keyword per month.

When you see a keyword you want to use just press on the button to the left which says ADD. Once you have gone through the list and added all the keywords from the list you need to save them to a file on your computer. You do this by looking to the left where all your keywords what you have saved are on display. It will say "Download these keywords" press on the option what suits you best, all of the options will save them to either a excel file or word document or straight to a note pad file which is the one I use the most.

When you have done this you can go back to these files when you are setting up you campaign because once you have written your Google Ad the next section will ask you for keywords that you want to use, this is when you can use the files what you have saved before and copy and paste the information straight into your campaign.

Anyway dont want to get ahead of ourselves just concentrate on opening your account and doing some keyword research and saving your results. If you have any questions you can give me a ring and I will help you all I can.


Alan Stockdale


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